10 Mile Run? Through The Woods? Who Is Chasing Me???


Let me start this off by saying I’ve never run further than a mile without stopping. One mile.

I got really into the treadmill last year. I would be on that thing for 60 minutes a day. Running, jogging, walking, sometimes barely moving… didn’t matter, as long as I was on it for 60 minutes. I’ve never felt better. But I also never ran further than a mile or slightly over a mile, at a time. I’ve always wanted to be a runner but I’m just not. My legs get tired, I get out of breath, I run out of energy, etc. Something in me just gives up. Until now.

I just signed up for a 10 mile trail run through the woods… Obviously not the hardest thing in the world to accomplish, but it’s not going to be easy for me, so shut up with your judgmental thoughts.

Anyway, It’s time to fall in love with that goddamn treadmill again. And this time, I’m not just going to flirt. I have to full on woo her, court her, love her. She and I will become one. During the snow, during the spring, when the moon is above, or when the sun is rising, we will be together. And then she will release me back onto the Earth, to run my ten mile trail path, without stopping.

Training starts tomorrow. Any suggestions on techniques? I’m going to be trying several approaches over the next couple of months and writing about my successes and ultimately hilarious failures here, so stay tuned!

By the end of this, I will either be a runner, a quitter, or hospitalized from falling into a well (ya never know.)




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